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八卦 trigram
阴、阳 yin, yang
道 Dao(cf. logo)
江湖(世界) the jianghu World (the traits’ world)
e.g. You can’t control everything in a traits’ world. (人在江湖,身不由己)
道 Daoism(Taoism)
上火 excessive internal heat
儒学 Confucianism
红学(《红楼梦》研究) redology
世外桃源 Shangri-la or Arcadia
开放 kaifang (Chinese openness to the outside world)
大锅饭 getting an equal share regardless of the work done
伤痕文学 scar literature or the literature of the wounded
不搞一刀切 no imposing uniformity on …
合乎国情,顺乎民意 to conform with the national conditions and the will of the people
乱摊派,乱收费 imposition of arbitrary quotas and service charge
铁交椅 iron (lifetime) post’s; guaranteed leading post
脱贫 to shake off poverty; anti-poverty
治则兴,乱则衰 Order leads to prosperity and chaos to decline
 2、中国新兴事物(Newly Sprouted Things)
中国电信 China Telecom
中国移动 China Mobile
十五计划 the 10th Five-Year Plan
中国电脑联网 Chinanet
三峡工程 the Three Gorges Project
希望工程 Project Hope
京九铁路 Beijing CKowloon Railway
扶贫工程 Anti-Poverty Project
菜篮子工程 Vegetable Basket Project
温饱工程 Decent-Life Project
安居工程 Economy Housing Project
扫黄 Porn-Purging Campaign
西部大开发 Go-West Campaign
禅宗 Zen Buddhism
禅 dhyana; dhgaya
混沌 chaos
道 Daosim, the way and its power
四谛 Four Noble Truth
八正道 Eightfold Path
无常 anity
五行说 Theory of Five Elements
无我 anatman
坐禅 metta or transcendental meditation
空 sunyata
虚无 nothingness
双喜 double happiness(中),a doubled stroke of luck(英)
小品 witty skits
相声 cross-talk
噱头;掉包袱 gimmick, stunt
夜猫子 night people; night-owls
本命年 this animal year of sb.
处世之道 philosophy of life
姻缘 yinyuan(prefixed fate of marriage)
还愿 redeem a wish (vows)
 4、中国古代独特事物(Unique Ancient Chinese Items)
宣纸 rice paper
衙门 yamen
叩头 kowtow
牌楼 pailou;pai-loo
武术 wushu(Chinese Martial Arts)
功夫 kungfu ;kung fu
中庸 the way of medium (cf. Golden Means)
中和 harmony (zhonghe)
孝顺 to show filial obedience
孝子 dutiful son
家长 family head
三纲:君为臣纲,父为子纲,夫为妻纲 three cardinal guides: ruler guides subject, father guides son husband guides wife
五常:仁、义、理、智、信 five constant virtues: benevolence (humanity), righteousness, propriety, wisdom and fidelity
八股文 eight-legged essays
多子多福:The more sons/children, the more blessing/ great happiness
养儿防老:raising sons to support one in one’s old age